10 Tips to Find (and Keep) the Perfect Mentor

Article Excerpt: “Don’t invest thousands in an expensive coach with a big name. Find someone who is where you want to be in three to five years. Why? They can still relate to you.

Before approaching a potential mentor, I always invest in their product or service. I want to see if I resonate with the quality of their products or services, team, and customer service. If I do, I sell their products as an affiliate and see what response I get from my followers. Then I ask if I can help with their customer service. This gives you insight into how they do business, and then you can work out a mentor relationship.

As a mentor, I’ve found that ex-military and ex-athletes make the best students. They don’t question anything, they just execute and report back with results. Then we regroup, re-strategize, and move their business forward. ” Jeff Sherman, founder and CEO of Tech Sweat LLC; serial entrepreneur who has launched five businesses and impacted over 5,000 fitness businesses in six countries